Monday, May 24, 2010

Owl (animated rhyme)

Vulture (animated rhyme)

Woodpecker (Animated rhyme)

Cock (animated rhyme)

Donkey (animated rhyme)

Jumbo, jumbo is my friend (animated rhyme)

Goat gives milk, which is good for your health (animated rhyme)

Hippos are very, very lazy (animated rhyme)

Horse is healthy and full of strength (animated rhyme)

The forest follows the lion king (animated rhyme)

Iam a monkey, I love to swing (animated rhyme)

Mouse loves to run up, down the stairs. (animated rhyme)

Iam a porcupine, my name is jack (animated rhyme)

Bunny, bunny hopping all around (animated rabbit)

Iam sheep, I give you wool (animated rhyme)

Squirrels are grey or brown with stripes. (animated rhyme)

I wear a striped coat, yellow and black. (Animated rhyme)

Slow and steady wins the race (animated rhyme)

Animated Fox

Animated Zebra

Tailor Bird (Animated rhyme)

Orange (animated clip)

I am a garlic good for your heart (animated rhyme)

Maize (animated rhyme)

Welcome to capsicum (animated rhyme)

Dance with ladyfinger (animated rhyme)

Dancing drumstick (animated rhyme)

Turnip (animated rhyme)

Healthy cauliflower (animated rhyme)

Carrot make your eyes shine bright (animated rhyme)

Dancing Brinjal (animated rhyme)

Beans (animated rhyme)

Bang your foot, I am beet root (animated rhyme)

Spinach keeps my, skin so clean (animated rhyme)

Ginger ginger all the way, have it have it everyday (animated rhyme)

Eat bottle gourd and be a winner (animated rhyme)

Bang your foot, I am beet root (animated rhyme)

Lets dance with bitter gourd (animated rhyme)

Cabbage in your baggage (animated rhyme)

Chilly red hot spice (animated rhyme)

Cool cool cucumber (animated rhyme)

Mushroom is difference shapes and size (Rhyme)

Onions (animated rhyme)

Peas Dancing (animated rhyme)

Potato (animated rhyme)

Lets dance with radish (animated rhyme)

Tomato (animated rhyme)